In this difficult economy time, a good many of enterprises fall into a continuous shortage of capital. The seller always wishes to receive the payment as soon as possible, while the buyer wishes to delay such payment to take advantage of capital. You, a creditor of a number of enterprises, should try your best to get the money but not to offend anyone; otherwise, they would not cooperate with you any longer. Debt sometimes becomes a big challenge in business; however there are numerous ways to help you recover debts efficiently without offending your clients.

Determining this significance, SB Debt Collection was established to represent you to troubleshoot and recover your overdue debts at the lowest cost and the fastest time based on the policy NO DEBT RECOVERY – NO FEE COMMISSION.

Therefore, SB Debt Collection is: Best Solution – Best Success. From the very first day of its establishment, SB Debt Collection has been incessantly striving to improve its organization and service quality. Oriented management: SB Debt Collection selects the oriented management according to the results and the projects; as such “Management by objectives and Implementation of measures to handle debt in accordance with the laws” is our management approach.

With a dynamic staff, and experienced leaders and prestige contributors, all members of SB Debt Collection are sticking together to activities for the company’s benefits. We are committed to bringing you the best service, at the most competitive price.

SB Debt Collection is honored to serve you. For more information, please contact us at:

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