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There are many risks to face. During the economic recession, the world and technologies are changing constantly making the business to face lots of risks easier than before. It will be difficult to...

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Provide the top and professional translation and interpretation service, accurate, fast, competitive price, with the highest standard of the customer service, supporting receiving and sending the...

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We have a team of experience lawyers with professional skill in dispute negotiation and we will provide the customers the real solution for the dispute coming from contracts related to doing the...

Sale and Purchase Debt Market

A full debt sale partnership model to achieve best sale results. Partner with the debt sale intermediary to maximise transaction value Gain a continual advantage by applying analytics and industry...

Credit Services

  READY TO COLLECT YOUR MONEY? We make it happen. You’ve provided the services to your clients, you’ve issued the invoices for the job being done, but you’ve not yet been paid...

Brand protection

BRAND PROTECTION SERVICES SB Debt Collection assists companies to recognize & deal with Intellectual Property Rights issues & the increasing global counterfeit problems facing manufacturers...


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In this difficult economy time, a good many of enterprises fall into a continuous shortage of capital. The seller always wishes to receive the payment as soon as possible, while the buyer wishes to delay such payment to take advantage of capital. You, a creditor of a number of enterprises, should try your best to get the money but not to offend anyone; otherwise, they would not cooperate with you any longer. Debt sometimes becomes a big challenge in business; however there are numerous ways to help you recover debts efficiently without offending your clients.

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9 tháng, tổng nợ thuế cả nước là 73.900 tỷ đồng

Tại phiên họp tổ tại Quốc hội về tình hình kinh tế xã hội, tài chính ngân sách ngày 24/10, Bộ trưởng Bộ Tài chính – Đinh Tiến Dũng cho biết, tính đến 30/9, tổng nợ thuế cả nước là 73.900 tỷ đồng. Trong đó, nợ có khả năng thu là 27.648 tỷ đồng, chiếm […]

3 points to remember when dealing with debt collection companies

In recent years, the economy has encountered many difficulties, accompanied by the expansion of rental debt collection companies. The debt collection companies in Hanoi, the debt collection companies in Ho Chi Minh City and other parts of the country have contributed to promoting the debt collection activities more and more professionally, customers have more choices […]

Xử lý nợ xấu: Việt Nam đang đi theo kinh nghiệm quốc tế

Các nhà nghiên cứu cho rằng, để xử lý nợ xấu (XLNX), Việt Nam không nên theo đuổi một phương án ngắn hạn mà quy trình này cần được thực hiện theo từng bước bài bản, trên cơ sở kế thừa những kinh nghiệm quốc tế. Lộ trình đúng hướng Tiến trình tái cơ cấu […]

Bad debt – The obsession of many businesses

Bad debt – The obsession of many businesses According to statistics in 2014, many businesses were “bogged down” because of bad debts. Debt difficult to collect account for hundreds of thousands of billion, enterprises will fall into the situation of capital appropriation, loss of capital, affecting the Company’s profit as well as shareholders’ dividends. Financial […]


CREDIT DEBT A value of between VND 4,000,000 and under VND 50,000,000 may be subject to a prison term of between 06 months and 03 years and be fined up to VND 100,000,000, banning practicing or doing certain jobs for between 1 and 5 years or partial or full confiscation of property. There are times […]


Some individuals or businesses are still wondering about the “DEBT COLLECTION RIGHTS”. So how is the use of the services of the debt collection company and the transfer of the right to collect debt is regulated in the legal system of Vietnam? Let’s find out with Song Bao Debt Collection Services Co., Ltd. This will be quite useful information for “CREDITORS”.

07 Decree will take effect from March 2020

In March, those who are interested in Vietnamese law need to update 07 new decrees that will take effect from March, with many different areas,     No.   DECREE TEXT INFORMATION 1 Decree 09/2020 / ND-CP announces a number of legal documents on the Road Maintenance Fund       Released: January 13, 2020   […]

Notable policies coming into force from the middle of February, 2020

1. Indexing factors for monthly earnings after payment of social insurance contributions in 2020 The Circular No. 35/2019/TT-BLDTBXH stipulates that monthly earnings after payment of social insurance contributions by the entities defined in Clause 1 Article 1 of this Circular (i.e. entities subject to compulsory payment of social insurance contributions) shall be adjusted by adopting the following […]

Things you need to know about Buying and Selling transaction.

At present, information technology has been developed in fact, there are many transactions without written contracts, the conclusion of contracts is only through email and text messages. This is also a form of contract that carries many risks because the buyer refuses to pay because there is no specific written contract. Many businesses are also headache on this issue ….

Collecting debts via Social Networks, Does it violate Vietnam law???

Currently, social networks are no stranger to anyone, anyone can own a smartphone, IPad, laptop etc. can access to social networks such as Face Book, Zalo … to post status, share the article or comment on the topics that they are interested in. A growing social network helps people connect to the community quickly, sharing […]

New regulations on signing and issuing administrative documents

On March 5, 2020, the Government has just issued the Decree No. 30/2020/NĐ-CP “On the Clerical Work”. This Decree provides for clerical work and state management of clerical work. The clerical work prescribed in this Decree includes: Drafting and signing documents; document management; set up and submit records, documents into the Archive Agency; manage and […]

Supreme People’s Court introduces eight new judicial precedents

On February 25, 2019, Supreme People’s Court issues Decision No. 50/QD-CA on public disclosure of judicial precedents. The Decision makes eight new judicial precedents available for use during trials from April 15, 2020, including: Judicial Precedent No. 30/2020/AL regarding intentional ramming of vehicles into victims after road crashes. Judicial Precedent No. 31/2020/AL on determining rights to rent […]

Borrowing from foreign capital things to note

Failure to register for a foreign loan may subject to administrative sanctions in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 96/2014/NĐ-CP regarding the sanction of administrative violations in the field of credit, banking, specifically at Article 24 “Violations of foreign exchange activity”.


(Tiếng Việt) Ngoài điểm nổi bật  như  điều 101 của “ Nghị định 15”. Vi phạm các quy định về trách nhiệm sử dụng dịch vụ mạng xã hội “  phân định rõ trách nhiệm cá nhân , tổ chức trong việc sử dụng môi trường mạng đặc biệt là mạng xã hội  thì tại Nghị định 15 còn có 1 số điểm mới đáng được các doanh nghiệp lưu ý

Distinguish Notarized copy, Duplicate copy of notarized copy and excerpt copy

(Tiếng Việt) Về mặt giá trị pháp lý  thì hình các hình thức bản sao đều có giá trị pháp lý như bản chính . Trong Nghị định 30/2020/NĐ-CP ban hành và có hiệu lực ngày 05/03/2020 vừa qua đã đưa ra các hướng dẫn, và quy định  rõ ràng về các hình thức bản sao. : Sao y bản chính ,  Trích sao và Sao lục

How to recover debt when you only have the email of the buyer?

ABC Company bought goods from us, because we knew each other and they regularly purchased goods, so that they ordered goods by email, and we delivered. Now Nam Viet requires a contract for payment of goods, currently we only have the order email, delivery notes, VAT invoices and debt confirmation records signed by the director of Nam Viet, can we collect this debt?

Obligation to pay debt in the “COVID – 19” period

In a contractual relationship, contractual obligations and liability for breach of contract are two different legal categories. Contractual obligations are the obligations of the parties arising from the agreements in the contract. In principle, contractual obligations are not exempted, unless the violated party waives or proactively waives, partially or wholly that obligation. The liability due to a contract breach is a civil liability arising from the breach of contract by the breaching party to the other party (the aggrieved party). Civil liability only arises when there is a breach of contract, including penalty for breach, compensation for damages and other liabilities in accordance with the law and agreement of the parties. Civil liability may be waived in some cases, such as a force majeure event.

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Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, We are pleased to enclose our newest headlines providing briefs of updates relating to:   Changing working schedules of the courts Fees for environmental data exploitation and access Reopening businesses after social distance regulation.   Please click on the file below for more information. Weekly Headlines We hope you enjoy […]

Weekly Headlines 2

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, We are pleased to enclose our newest headlines providing briefs of updates relating to:   Regulations on distancing of passengers aboard motor vehicles or planes Requirements for temporary suspension of retirement and death benefit contributions for enterprises 5 types of land are prohibited for construction of golf courses.   We […]

Special Alert

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,   As businesses start working again and in today modern world of technology, the Internet is everything. Therefore, we think that this special alert is very important for you to know. In this alert, we enclose some of the highlights of the Draft Decree Amending Decree 72 on Internet Service and […]

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Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, We are pleased to enclose our newest headlines providing briefs of updates relating to Short-term loan interest rate ceiling, temporary suspension of labor contracts, further loosen constrictions imposed due to Covid-19.   As always, you can find the headlines on our website.   Weekly Headlines 3   We hope you […]

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Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, We are pleased to enclose our newest headlines providing briefs of updates relating to new industrial property charges, new tariff schedule, measures related to both electronic and paper sample-d c/os shipment.   Please click on the link below.   Weekly Headlines 4   We hope you enjoy reading this new […]

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Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, We are pleased to enclose our newest headlines providing briefs of updates relating to taxpayer’s personal and family circumstance deduction level, foreigners are exempted from visa requirement and ownership taxes on domestically assembled motor vehicles.   Please click on the link   Weekly Headlines 5   We hope you enjoy […]

Weekly Headlines 6

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,   We are pleased to enclose our newest headlines providing briefs of updates relating to Regulations on transport and traffic safety training for drivers, Classification schedule of security products, Amending regulations on requirements for recognition of bonded warehouses.   Weekly Headlines 6   As always, we hope that you find this information […]