New regulations on signing and issuing administrative documents

On March 5, 2020, the Government has just issued the Decree No. 30/2020/NĐ-CP “On the Clerical Work”. This Decree provides for clerical work and state management of clerical work. The clerical work prescribed in this Decree includes: Drafting and signing documents; document management; set up and submit records, documents into the Archive Agency; manage and use seals and secret storage devices in clerical work.


In which, some regulations are noticeable as follows:

In Clause 6, Article 13, “Signing for promulgation” states “For paper documents, when signing documents, use blue ink pen, do not use fading inks.” This is a difference from Decree No. 110/2004/NĐ-CP issued in 2004 (the decree only stipulates that when signing, no pencil, no red ink or fading ink can be signed, resulting in the person signing the document can use black ink …)


In Article 33 of Decree 30 “Using the seal and secret key storage device” there are further adjustments as follows:
1.  Use the seal
a) The seal must be clear, neat, right and use the red seal as prescribed.
b) When stamped on a signature, the right seal should cover about 1/3 of the signature to the left.
c) Documents issued with the main document or appendix: The seal is stamped on the first page, partially covered by the name of the agency, organization or the appendix title.
d) The seal hanging, overlapping seal, embossed seal on paper documents are prescribed by the heads of agencies or organizations.
d) The overlapping seal is stamped in the middle of the right edge of the document or the appendix of the document, overlapping part of the paper; Each stamp has a maximum of 05 documents.
2.  Use a device to store the secret key
Secret key storage devices of agencies and organizations used to digitally sign electronic documents issued by agencies and organizations and copies from paper documents to electronic documents


In addition, Decree No. 30 also amended a number of regulations on the format and techniques of presenting administrative documents and regulations of abbreviations in Appendix I; Appendix II of Decree 30. Also remove from the list of administrative documents the following types of documents: commitments, certificates, travel documents, records of receipts.


Decree 30/2020/NĐ-CP takes effect from the date of signing.

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